There are many seasons, is Winter cold and Barren, Spring, warm and Lifely, Summer, hot And Sunny, and Fall cool and Breezy. i Will say some thing about All season I know

Season is Like growth for Lifes in World, change in the Way the lifes will Be, even Colors is different From each one (besides Maybe spring and Summer kind of Similars)

Now is time to go over seasons maybe

summer sun


Summer is Season of Warmth. Many go to Beach at this Time because water is well Enough to Swim in. animal Is most active these time maybe, lot of Energy to do things. You can get lot done in Summer, or have lot of Fun. some People dont Like, is too Hot for them, burn in summer Sun. is "Sunscreen" to protect From suns Rays in certain part of World. in Many places in world, season is Weaker or Stronger. maybe Rainforest will Always feel summer, but Arctic always feel winter. Sometimes, is even start in different times around the World. in Australia Summer is start December. But summer Is Maybe most Life season Of all, and most To do. if You want Fun, then it is maybe best season for you. Summer is Also "Strong Season" maybe. Peak of Summer is Most Energy, with Peak of Winter being Least Energy. while Springs and Falls fall inbetween maybe.

winter snow flake


Winter,,, Empty! yess,, temperature is Things move is Say, so things Not move much. not musch is Done. Many animal isn't Bundle good enough to Get through, so will "migrate" to Warmer place to hide Out the winter. snow, everything Coat in white, sometimes while snow even Sky is white, soo it Will be like voidyy... But voidy is black, soo white Void. Winter is good Time be with Others, stick togithar, and take Easy. You don't have do mushc during Winter maybe. But, is not to say Is nothing New to do come Winters. Is "festive" season so Many will selebrate things these times, and maybe is More peaceful out than so Busy and crowded Summer. snow Is fluffy Thing you can pick up and make and draw. Maybe is Easier do some things in Winter time sometime, Colding is Protect with coat, but heat is better for Fan. so you Can not exhaust As easy maybe.. Sometimes tree is all leaf-less, all Brown but is "Evergreen" which Alway have leaef. Is good time reflect, and good time for be Easy, and stay Close to what you Like. If you like Peaceful and Comforts, then it is maybe best season for you. such Inactivity is best time for Learning maybe.. and best to be Free. Maybe is for Admirer of Void.

fall leaf


Fall or is "Autumn" time is slowing Down, time of Decay and Mysterie. Leaf looks prettiest Maybe now, all different Colors for lot of People. Fall time is maybe Most jarring Change of all, as all that was Built up over Spring and Summer will rot to Give way for Winter. "harvest" is important For fall, everyone Gets there food Before is too cold Makeing fruit. Fall is like "golidlock" bear where is Too hot porridge and too Cold porridge, is Not very hot as summer, and not very cold as winter but Near start and Beginning is like Transistion over. It is calmer version of Summer, can do most of things you like but less Noisy. tragedy Is lot maybe will not appreciate it As much from Start of school, unless you will Like school. But,, yes lot of hidden Thing can be Figure out these Fall. build Up some Things yourself before Winter come There. Fall food very Distinctive, maybe most of Any season, black berry and Pumpkin and Yam, is sweet and Yummy lot of these Thing. If you want Calmness and Beauty, then it is maybe bEst SeAson for You. Is good time finishing up Every thing you want do for The year. Deep,,,, forever-More, fall of Beauty,, yes Poet will Love.

spring flower


spring Is Highest Movement... soo noise.maybeEvenMorethanSummer? well,, is Biggest change, after Winter come, everyone Start up everything, do Again. lots of Things will come In being, Activate. is Like Battery season. sometimes Is still little cold while Everything start up. Birth month, best month for Fairys. lots of Create. sooo many Flower in air some peoples is Sensitives these thing, is very sad. Spring is Speeding up. Flower is importent of Spring, lots of Baby flower will Come, but flower is in Summer time too some. but, lot more is changing in Spring than summer so creature and Energiey is more Apparent sometime. Every day is New in Spring Time. maybe is Good for make Friends, or make Big decision, world will Move with you Easyear. If you want Love and Lively then maybe is best season for you. Is green as Goo. maybe So much energy after is Inactive will be little Springing your mood Too.

Then It is all the seasons, It is ever Last changing, even if You are not liking one, your Favorite will still be in Future! so is just Need to wait, and you will see It move towards it. Next blog Will be on... Internet!